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10 Best Apps for Downloading Videos from Youtube

Here we have collected all the best methods and apps that are currently available to download videos from YouTube for free from any device including Computer, Tablet and Smartphone. Many people frequently asked questions that they are unable to download videos from YouTube. You must also have searched this on google many a times. On the other hand, you would like to download videos on your PC or Mac desktop and also on your smartphone. So here are mentioning some of the easy, free and best apps for downloading videos from Youtube.

1. YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader for Android deserves to be at the top of our list. YouTube downloader is an open source app distributed for free and without banners. It allows you to download any YouTube video or convert it to mp3. Easy to use thanks to the integrated search function and the simple graphic interface. It also allows you to download directly by sharing a video from YouTube to YouTube Downloader. Unfortunately it is not available on Google Play which does not allow you to distribute similar apps.

2. VideoLoader

The second application that we suggest to download videos from YouTube is VideoLoader which is an application for Android that was developed specifically for downloading videos from the youtube and is extremely simple to use. All you have to do to download the videos using VideoLoader app is to:

  • Download and install the application.
  • Start it.
  • Search the name of the video in the search box.
  • Choose the video you want to download from the videos available.
  • Choose the format and quality you want to download.
  • The only drawback of this app is its absence in the Google Play Store, so you will have to find it from the web or through unofficial stores.

3. YTD Video Downloader

The another good application to download youtbue videos is YTD Video Downloader which is available for PC and Mac, but also for Android. The operation of this app is always very simple and similar to that seen for the two previous applications but this app offers some interesting additional features such as the ability to set a password to protect the downloaded files, also allows the download of videos from YouTube, but also from other similar sites. Even YTD Video Downloader is not present on the official store.

4. Videoder

Looking for a simple and effective way to download video files from YouTube quickly, without waiting and for free? The answer lies in one app which is Videoder. Videoder is one of the new app among the above and in quick time has become one of the most efficient and perfect app which allows you to download any videos from Youtube freely and quicly. Videoder can be called as a complete app for downloading YouTube videos. It is Free of advertising and very fast to download videos. You can choose the standard video quality or click on the video download in HD resolution. Read more about how to download videos from Youtube using Videoder

5. All Video Downloader

All Video Downloader is the first app to download videos from YouTube of which we speak that is present in the Play Store. The operation is more or less always the same but the app is not very stable and often it is not easy to use it because of the numerous invasive advertisements, but perhaps with the purchase of the version without advertising there is some improvement in the use.

6. MixTube

MixTube is an application available for iOS that allows users to import videos from YouTube and then modify them and create mixes of 2 or more videos. This application is free and can also be used simply to download videos, all in an extremely simple and intuitive way.

7.Tube Pro

Tube Pro is an excellent free application to download videos from Youtube on Windows Phone and its operation is very simple, just search for the video you want to download via the search box and then proceed with the download by selecting the quality and format of the video. The downloads can be made in the background and there are several other features available in this application that make it really good.

8. Tube HD

Tube HD is a great alternative to Tube Pro if you plan to download videos from YouTube on Windows Phone. The functions of this app are almost the same and the choice between the two is purely subjective.

9. Total Downloader

Total Downloader is a browser based app that integrates an advanced download manager that allows you to download any type of file. Among the files that can be downloaded there are also Youtube videos that can also convert MP3.

10. WonTube YouTube Downloader

Another popular application for downloading youtube video is called WonTube YouTube Downloader and is another excellent alternative to the apps proposed above, it is compatible with Android and completely free, but the download you will have to make it from the official site since it is not present in Google Play. This app too is equipped with an integrated browser through which it is possible to search for videos and download them.