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8 Best App for Downloading Videos from Instagram

8 Best App for Downloading Videos from Instagram

Instagram currently one of the social networks preferred by people of all ages and allows users to take pictures, apply filters and share them online. In 2012 the company was bought for a billion dollars by Facebook. Being a social network based exclusively on multimedia content, it is interesting to discover the best apps for Instagram video downloads. Because one of the limitations of Instagram is precisely the lack of a feature to download videos.

1) Download Instagram Videos from Browser

Download Instagram Videos already has the same name that says everything. This website can be used for free by the web browser and is very easy to use. Simply enter the URL address of the video on Instagram you want to use in the space provided. Then click enter and a pop-up window will ask you what format you want to use. MP4 HD is also available. At this point a lower window will have the video ready to be downloaded. Click with the right mouse button on the link, and then Save as.

2) InstaBoard for iPhone

InstaBoard is an application that allows you to download videos and photos from Instagram. The application also allows you to directly bring back videos and photos downloaded as reposts. Moreover, it allows you to perform other small useful operations, such as shares, and more.

3) Videoder for Instagram for Android

Videoder works as easily as other applications of this kind and will allow you to download videos and photos on Instagram of public profiles. Simply open the application and then open the Instagram profile looking for the photos you are interested in and select the button to share and copy the URL address. At this point simply return to the application, hold and hold in the text field and click copy to transfer there the address you just chose. From here you can download.

4) InstantSave for Android

InstaSave for Instagram is a free application that allows you to save and download photos and videos from your phone. To use it first open InstaSave then the instagram profile and choose to copy the url to share it, both on photo and video, and then return to InstaSave to finish the download process.

6) YouTubeByClick from Computer

YouTubeByClick is a PC software to download to your computer and is really easy and intuitive to use. This program allows you to download videos from Instagram, Youtube, and many other platforms. It Supports MP3, MP4, and many more.

Once downloaded, just browse the internet and enter the url of the video on instagram. A pop-up window at the bottom will automatically ask if we want to download the audio file, or the entire video. All free.

6) InstaDown from Computer

Instadown is a free, easy-to-use service that allows you to download videos and get a shortened link for sharing. To use it just go to the website and no registration required. Simply enter the video URL address in the required field in the middle of the page, and click the lower InstaDown button. Nothing could be simpler, the video will be downloaded to your computer in an instant.

7) QuickSave

QuickSave is a free application available on the Android store which allows instagram videos to be downloaded. The application also allows you to save photos and videos on the social app without loss of information.

Downloading videos from Instagram with QuickSave is really fast:

Open Instagram and proceed with the first configuration.
Open Instagram, choose copy link on photo or video you want to save.
Return to the QuickSave application and proceed with the download.

8) Repost

Repost currently present on the iTunes store is a simple application that allows you to download, save and publish photos or videos on the Instagram social network. The application has a high degree of security and in fact does not need a login in order to work.