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How to Download Vimeo Videos using Videoder

Found in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein, Vimeo is a video site which is known as a large competitor of Youtube. The headquarter of Vimeo is located in New York and Anjali Sud is the current CEO of the company. The users of Vimeo have the options to host, share and monetize the videos.

The purpose of starting Vimeo was to allow the users to easily download and upload videos and it has gained popularity in very quick time. The Vimeo is also known as the first video website which offers high definition videos. Vimeo is also providing live streaming services since 2017.

Vimeo has 22 million registered users and number of unique visitors to this video site is around 100 million.

The basic service of Vimeo is free, under which by creating a free account users can upload Videos upto 500 MB. To use data beyond 500 MB, you have to take the paid plans of Vimeo, which starts from $84 and goes up to $900.

As lot of user base of Vimeo is from mobile, so to download the videos from Vimeo, the simplest way is to use Videoder app which can be easily downloaded from play Store.

Videoder allows you to easily download any video from Vimeo.
Here are the steps required for dowloading videos from Vimeo using Videoder.

  • Open the Vimeo Website after touching the vimeo icon. Just tap or touch the video that you wish to downloading after searching.
  • After you tap the video you want to download a download bubble appears. Then touch
  • Tap on the vimeo icon to open the vimeo website. Search for the video that you want to download and tap on the one you want to download.
  • Tap on the download bubble which appears when you tap on the video.
  • Before starting the download of video from Vimeo you can choose the resoultions of videos. The resolution starts from 144px to 1080px.
  • To check your downloads you can touch the download icon which is located in the top of the screen. Another option to check your vimeo videos downloads is to view them in the notification panel.