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Today the Internet has availability to wide area and almost all people around the world and it offers better service, thanks to which we can watch live video streaming with high accuracy, wherever we go either through a WiFi connection, or through our phone data, and in case you want to download videos to your PC or mobile phone you need an application to download videos to your computer or mobile phone. Videoder is an app, that allows you to access thousand of video streaming sites online, and download the video you want instantly on your device.

What is Videoder for PC:

Videoder a free application to download videos and audio from almost any site quickly and easily in any format that you want. This Video downloading app allows you to download videos from social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is a wonderful and simple tool that allows you to search for any video you want Using a custom search engine that offers various streaming video services like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on, you can download them directly to your computer.

Features of Videoder application for PC

The application offers a good set of features that make it an important program for many users:

  • You can download videos from a very wide range of websites that offer streaming videos of all kinds across the Internet.
  • The Videoder App is very easy to use and the interface is simple and easy to learn.
  • All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download into the Videoder address bar, click OK, and the download will start automatically.
  • Videoder app also provides audio-only download support. This is great if you only want to stream audio from media like those in YouTube Music, download audio clips in MP3 or M4A format directly from the app without having to download another app to convert and change audio files.
  • You can play any type of video file directly from the application itself, it supports downloading and playing any type of file in any resolution from 144p to 4K if the video resolution supports it from the source.
  • Videooder does not consume much system storage and other resources as it only uses about 50 MB of RAM and about 1% of CPU power, this means that the application will never affect the performance of your device. You only need to save storage space to save uploaded videos.
    The application features the possibility to download video from various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in addition to downloading the video from the Youtube.

What operating systems does Videoder support?

Videoder works on desktop and laptop computers which uses Windows of any version and also works on Mac computers, and can also run on smartphones and tablets using Android, iOS and Windows by downloading the apk file, or from Official Store i.e playstore or ios App Store.

How to Download Videoder for PC

After downloading the program file, install it on your computer in a few simple steps:

1) When you click on the download file, the app installation starts automatically.

2) Basic App interface of Videoder includes a large collection of videos from different sites and these are divided into a group of categories like sports, cartoon, short scenes of the latest movies, programs, music etc. At any time, you can copy the video url file from any location and insert it in the search bar shown by the arrow and press the Search button to run it and save it.

3) After copying the url file to the program a window appears with the video you want to download, you can only download the video or background music, you can choose the format and quality that best suits you as shown by the arrows.

Videoder for PC 32-bit & 64-bit:

While watching any great video on YouTube or any other site on your PC, you always want to download this video so that you can watch it later as well. Unfortunately, this is not always possible because on YouTube or many other Video sites you can download only a few selected videos that you can watch offline later. So you need a solution to this problem.

Videoder is an existing application to solve your problem for downloading vidoes from almost any site on your PC. You can download any video from any video site system such as Dailymotion, Youtube etc. through this. It’s a great app that will be your favorite app once you start using it. And the biggest advantage of Videoder for PC is that it is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system including 32-bit and 64 bit.

Downloading and Installing Vidoder for 32-bit and 64-bit:

1) First of all you need to open Window Store in your PC which is located at the bottom of the taskbar.

2) You can search the Videoder in Windows storing by using the search box.

3) Once you have search the Videoder in Windows store, then click on the button to begin the installation.

4) The installation of the Videoder will be done within moments and your are ready to download Videos from any site.

Videoder for Android:

As mentioned about Videoder is one of the great tools and app that a large number of users rely on to get featured videos from different sites that show those videos like YouTube. You can use the search engine featured in the application to write the name of the video you want to get or copy the link to access the video through the application easier and faster. In the Videoder app for Android you can watch a lot of different videos, especially those that get a large number of views in addition to access to videos in the Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, SoundCloud and lot more video websites.

How to download Videoder for Android

You can download the Videoder application on your Android phone through the popular app store in simple steps within a few minutes using.

  • Use a convenient browser on your phone to search for the Videoder app link and use it to download the app.
  • Click on Download after selecting the appropriate version
  • Wait a while for the upload time to finish
  • Give the necessary permissions to install the application on the phone so that you can use it immediately afterwards
  • Open the app for the first time so you can access the main window
  • Click on the profile and sign in icon at the top right of the screen
  • Click on the sign-in option that appears in blue at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose Create account so you can move to the next window of data
  • Write your personal information, which is your first name, last name, email address and password
  • Click on the word Next to go to the next steps
  • The application needs to verify the user’s ownership of the e-mail that he has written, so he will send the confirmation code to your e-mail and you will have to type it in the box and press the confirmation word to finish creating your account

How to Download Videoder on iPhone

There are many restrictions for iphone users and one such restriction is the downloading of third party apps. As Videoder is a third party app, so to download and use it on your iphone, you may need some other App like Tutu App. Below we will explain all the steps to download and use Videoder on your iphone with the help of Tutu Helper.

  • Download and install Tutu Helper on your iphone.
  • Next step is to download Videoder Apk file on your iphone.
  • Open Tutu Helper and then launch the Videoder app after searching it from there.

Features of Videoder for iphone:

The main features of using Videoder for downloading videos from many sites on your iphone are:

  • By using Videoder on your iphone, you can watch videos during the downloading.
  • The easy to use interface of Videoder for iphone is its another feature.
  • You can pause the downloading in the middle and continue it later on and the biggest plus of this feature is that the file doesn’t get lost during this process.
  • There is the option to choose the format of the file to be downloaded.
  • There is no limit on the number of the videos that can be downloaded. In other words an unlimited number of video can be downloaded.
  • Using Videoder on your iphone, you can download videos and music file from almost any Video downloading site and also can share it on any social media site.
  • Downloading and installing Videoder on iphone is totally free of cost.
  • Downloading and installing Videoder on iphone doesn’t consumes much of the storage space.