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How to download videos from Facebook on PC and Android or ios

Now a day Facebook has become a bit like YouTube and you must be noticed that even your news feed is flooded with videos. Obviously it is possible to save it on your account, but how can you download the social videos from Facebook so that you can watch them offline later on without internet.

Luckily there are different solutions, all rather simple and adoptable on all devices including PC, smartphone and Android tablet, iPhone or iPad. If you have often found yourself wanting to save a Facebook video as a file instead of a link, all you have to do is continue reading.

How to download videos from Facebook from PC

On PC there are lot of possibilities to download videos from Facebook. It depends a little on the way that you consider most comfortable. Here we explain how to do it directly from the browser with dedicated sites or with apps.

How to download videos to Facebook from PC with and without softwares or apps.

  • Locate the post containing the video and start playback by clicking on the play button
  • Right-click inside the video and select Show video URL
  • Copy the address, paste it in the address bar and before pressing enter replace the www with an m which will open the mobile version of the site.
  • To save the video, simply click on the play button, then right-click inside the video and select Save video as
  • Once you have chosen the folder to save the file you will find yourself with the MP4 version of the video.

Sites to download videos on Facebook from PC

The above mentioned procedure is very simple but unfortunately it allows to download the file only in low quality. Fortunately, there are several sites with which you can download videos from Facebook, even in the higher quality version.

One such site is Once opened, you just need to paste the video URL to get the video links. Once generated, just right click on it and select Save link as to download the relevant video.

Extensions to download videos to Facebook from PC

Another valid alternative is browser extensions. In this case we recommend one for Chrome, really well made and convenient, and one for Firefox. The first is Facebook Video Downloader which hides great comfort behind the unimaginative name.

In fact, this extension for Chrome places a Download button, among other things fairly discreet and in line with the aesthetics of Facebook, which allows you to download a video with one click both the standard definition version and the HD version.

Unfortunately this extension is not available for Firefox but you can always fall back on Video DownloadHelper. This is positioned in the toolbar and keeps track of all the videos that you cross when browsing. If you want to download one, just press its icon and download the one you need.

How to download videos to Facebook from iOS on iPhone and iPad

The best way to download videos from Facebook from iOS is to use a site that performs the operation for you. However, there are several apps on the official Store that offer the same functionality, one of which is MyMedia – File Manager.

Whether you have chosen the site method or you have chosen the aforementioned app, you will still need the link to the video to download it. Fortunately, obtaining it is very easy .

How to download videos to Facebook from Android smartphones and tablets

Even on Android now the best solution to download videos from Facebook is to use apps downloaded from the Play Store. Searching for save facebook video you will find lots of them. Among those that seem to work best there is “Videoder for Facebook”, an app that allows you to access your Facebook and then in a rather simple way to download videos from your bulletin board. You can download the app in question, among other things totally free, with a click on the badge below.


This is our list to get what you need. Many ask how to download private videos from Facebook: in these cases you have to pay attention and avoid taking something that doesn’t belong to you. For the rest, if the video is yours and you are allowed to take what you need here you have everything you need. So the choice is upto you, what do you use to download videos from Facebook.