Videoder is a free downloading service for Windows and Android meant to simplify your online experience of downloading and sharing music/video files from websites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. This guide is meant to make you understand all things Videoder and make your browsing experience all that much easier. Stay tuned to get to know details about its installation, features and various how-to’s, right in this read.

Videoder is available on

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Is Videoder available on PC?

Yes! Videoder is currently available on Android and Windows. Go grab its setup from the official website if you wish to use Videoder on PC.

How to install Videoder on PC?

The process to install Videoder is quite simple and is outlined below:

  •  Download Videoder for Windows from the official website.
  • Run the downloaded Setup, clicking ‘Yes’ if the User Account Control dialog box pops up.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Click Finish, and ta da! You’re all set to use Videoder on PC.

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Videoder’s Features

Videoder offers vast functionality to its users, simplifying their online experience when it comes to downloading, storing and sharing any music or video clips. These features are listed and explained below:

Download YouTube Videos

Videoder is an avid tool to use for downloading videos off of YouTube in a very reliable and convenient manner. Not only that, you can choose various formats for the video to be downloaded in. Talk about functionality!

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

As mentioned above, these multiple formats range from MKV to MP3! This convenience is highly useful if you just want the audio of a clip and not the video.

Free Music Downloader

This conversion to MP3 is highly useful when it comes to storing free music off of YouTube. In such a case, rarely does anyone want to store the video alongside the audio of any music clip.
NOTE: Downloading, consuming and sharing pirated media is a punishable offence in most countries.

Upto 10X Faster Downloading

Videoder is designed from the get go to provide the most optimized and efficient experience to its users when it comes to downloading music/video clips online. Hence, Videoder’s extremely fast download speeds would be the first thing you notice upon use. You simply wouldn’t wish to go back.

4K Video Downloading

This is Videoder’s ‘unique selling point’, as they call them in a business. Videoder is one of those rare, free services that offers 4K video downloads to its users off of any site on the internet. Any video, any clip, any audio you find online is now easily within reach, because of Videoder.

What all can Videoder do?

If that’s not all for you, then there’s a lot more minor functionalities and experience tweaks that Videoder has paid attention to when providing the optimum user-friendly experience. For starters, you’d easily be able to download videos/music from over 50 sites on the internet, acting as a free music downloader, YouTube to MP3 conversion tool and 4K video downloader… all in one!

Not only that, Videoder also offers batch downloading which makes your lengthy tasks just so much simpler, allowing to leave your workstation to get that well-deserved cup of coffee. This means that you’ll get your YouTube playlists in one fell swoop, with the click of a mouse. Moreover, your download is likely to be done by the time you get back because of Videoder’s 10X faster download speeds. You can also manually edit the cover art and audio tags of any of your downloaded media, but the smart detection tool is likely to cover for that as well, making your task a whole lot easier.

These features easily allow you to stream YouTube videos without those pesky ads ruining your experience again and again. Furthermore, the themes that Videoder offers are unlimited in nature, coming down to your preference at the end of the day. You’d never be short on choice while exploring the net, trying to discover the latest music, videos and artists.

For the time when you need to browse the net for some more amazing content, Videoder has you covered with its inbuilt browser with an ad blocker. Some other features include a quick download tool for when you’re in a rush and night mode that prevents you from straining your eyes too much.

How to download YouTube videos with Videoder?

  • Run Videoder on your PC.
  • Copy and paste the URL of your clip into the search bar at the top and hit “Download”.
  •  You can even search Youtube directly within Videoder to find the clip(s) you wish to download.
  • In the new window that pops up, click the download icon next to the format and quality that you wish for your clip to be in.
  • Click on “Yes” to confirm.
  • That’s it! Your clip should now be downloading through Videoder.

How to download music from YouTube with Videoder?

  • In Videoder, find the music clip that you wish to download or paste its URL into the box and hit “Download”.
  • In the new window that pops up, simply click on the download icon next to either MP3 or M4A formats depending on your preference.
  • Click on “Yes” to confirm.
  • That’s it! Your music file should now be downloading without any video, thanks to Videoder.

How to download Facebook videos with Videoder?

  • On Facebook, copy the URL of the clip you wish to download.
  • Paste it into the text box in Videoder and hit “Download”.
  • In the new window, click the download icon next to the format and quality of your choice.
  • Click on “Yes” to confirm.
  • That’s it! You’ve successfully downloaded a clip off of Facebook using Videoder.

How to download Instagram photos and videos using Videoder?

  • Log into Instagram in your browser.
  • Copy the shareable URL of the picture/clip you wish to download
  •  Paste it into the text box in Videoder and hit “Download”.
  •  In the new window, click the download icon next to the format and quality of your choice.
  •  Click on “Yes” to confirm.
  •  That’s it! You’ve successfully downloaded a picture/clip off of Instagram using Videoder.

How to download Soundcloud to MP3 using Videoder?

  • Open SoundCloud on your browser.
  • Copy the shareable URL of the composition you wish to download.
  • Paste it into the text box in Videoder and hit “Download”.
  • In the new window, click the download icon next to the format and quality of your choice.
  • Click on “Yes” to confirm.
  • That’s it! You’ve successfully downloaded a music off of SoundCoud using Videoder.

Follow the below mentioned 5 easy steps and voila!

Step 1 – Download Videoder Apk. Your mobile browser may warn you on downloading apk outside the Play Store but don’t worry, as you are downloading from the official site of Videoder.

Step 2 – Once the download is complete tap on the complete notification to install the app.

Step 3 – Your settings main restrict you from installing apk outside Play Store. If an ‘Install blocked’ popup appears then tap on ‘SETTINGS’.

Step 4 – Go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources and turn it on.

Step 5 – Go back to ‘Downloads’ and open the downloaded Videoder apk file to complete installation. Do not forget to turn off ‘Unknown Sources’ once the installation is finished.

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