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The 8 Best Apps to Make Funny Videos on iPhone and iPad

After the success that the photographs have had on iPhone and iPad devices, Now is the time for the video Either to congratulate, give good news or just tease, the production of video from mobile devices has exploded as much as that of new applications to make videos.

In the following lines, we advance our 8 best apps to make funny videos on iPad and iPhone. If you are the funny one of the group, do not miss the last thing with which to fill the tank of laughter of your colleagues.

Top 8 Applications Make Funny Videos on iPhone and iPad

Application that automatically creates fun videos by facial modification of the protagonists of it. Among the facial retouching options that it allows you can portray yourself with wide eyes or a huge tongue, although they are not the only ones.

It also allows you to play with the sound and background effects of the video clip. In this way, you can record yourself talking while the sound that plays is that of a chimpanzee. You can make funny videos to send by WhatsApp.

More than 35 facial changes, 19 effects, 11 voice changes and the ability to add music from your gallery. There is a paid application and another free app.

Funny video creator

As simple as effective. With this application, you just have to select any image, from a famous politician or footballer through a friend of yours or even a funny living being such as a potato, and change his mouth (or similar) for yours.

Laughter is assured from the first change! Then talk or just move your mouth winking while the video is recorded automatically.

You can do imitations, sing, tell jokes, etc. Everything is valid to make the staff laugh. You can also include your music as a conductive thread or modulate the voice to achieve a hilarious result.

iFunFace – Photos that speak

It has a download of more than two million users worldwide. App with which you can make funny videos both yours and everyone around you. Excellent for making short laugh videos to send by WhatsApp

You just have to select an old photo or take a new one, identify the face and mouth of the characters, record the comic scene with the voice filter you want and your monster can now be shared with all your friends through social networks.


It is essential to have on hand a photograph of your face to carry out the realization of videos. One of the funniest applications on the market. You just have to choose that portrait with which you feel more similar, mark a series of basic characteristics to fill in and get carried away by madness.

Your face will be glued to other bodies present in the videos that Morfo brings with him, transforming you into a dog or a person with a physique opposite to yours. This avatar or character you believe will dance the music you dictate or move your mouth when your favorite song sounds.

It also allows you to add complementary objects to the body such as superhero costumes or glam-rock star in addition to putting on your face or putting on colorful wigs. You will seem taken from a video game!

Dubmash – Funny Videos

Since its release to the market, it has been a real madness (you just have to look at the number of uploads to YouTube that has made the videos made from this application). Excellent for making short funny videos to send by WhatsApp or another application of your choice.

Dubmash allows you to become a freak of interpretation for a few seconds. You just have to download the app, choose what type of video you want to interpret. From mythical television soap operas to choruses of popular songs or famous moments of the best-known celebrity.

Rehearse for a few minutes and eat the camera. Make an Oscar-worthy playback with the original background sound and share it with your friends. Now you can also add your sounds to give your acquaintances more laugh. Tronchante!


With this application, calls have become an act of fun. Impossible to resist the facilities it offers to get your side more fun in both taking pictures and recording videos.

As you know, on Snapchat you cannot save the video you make, but you can record it for another user. Just go to the list of snapshots received and find the contact you want to send the video to.

You access the corresponding chat window and if your friend is online you just have to press the button. While recording it you already know that you can use all the Snapchat add-ons with which to modify your face.

Star video

Being a music star was never as easy as with Video Star. It is an application that allows you to feel the protagonist of the fashion video clip by performing playback.

You choose the subject and you face the camera to move your lips to the rhythm of the music. To make it even more fun you can perform choreographies or invent stories related to the lyrics of the song.

To give it a more professional touch, edit your custom video clips with special effects such as your own cloning, use of green background or add stop motion effects.

Video Reverse

If you are bored of having to act or wait for the clumsy gang to have one of its falls, this is your application to make funny videos.

Any situation has it’s comic even if you don’t believe it. Video Reverse offers you the possibility to record hilarious videos without your noticing.

How Showing the video in the opposite direction, that is, from back to front. The video is automatically saved in the app so you can share it on social networks with all your friends.

Play your videos back with Video Reverse!

  • Upload your video from the library.
  • Choose the playback speed and rewind the action.
  • Select specific filter effects and add music to your videos and make it more.
  • Share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, email, YouTube and Whatsapp.